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Sterling Pond Shelter Reconstruction

October 2006A tent platform was constructed; it is used by the resident caretaker. A new privy has not yet  been completed. A sleeping platform has been installed at the rear of the shelter. A bench has been installed outside the rear of the shelter, providing a view of the Pond.

Background Information

Pier Plan.jpg

Sterling Pond Materials.xls and another list
People - volunteers, attendees, adopters

Articles in the Long Trail News include a portrait of the shelter (first in a series of portraits) and an announcement of the new project.

Also see reports of the Sterling Pond Committee.

History and Progress Reports

September 24-25

Early morning on Sterling Pond

Filling the gable ends

Carrying the metal roofing

Installing the final sheet of roofing

Gathering for the Dedication

 The work party on September 24 was announced by email; it did not appear on the schedule. The assignment was to complete the shelter in time for dedication on Sunday.

Report: On Saturday we started early. Bill and Eric filled in the gable ends and installed the metal roofing and cap. The remaining four workers cleaned up the site. Some salvageable material was carried over to Watson. It was a full work day, with cool and crisp weather.

On Sunday the dedication was held. Bill Clark, Ben Rose, and Andrew Nuquist spoke. They keys to the shelter were turned over to the adopters, who were joined by their families at the Shelter. People attending the dedication carried out tools and trash. The weather was cool, with occasional showers. Ben Rose noted that it rains every time he visits Sterling Pond.

September 10-11

Attaching more siding

Photos for the LTN?

Eric adds a brace to the rake ladder while Bill watches

Painting some of the siding

Mike looks over the strapping.

Completing the fascia.

Bill and Eric attach roofing.

Roof the structure, finish the odds and ends, clean up the site and load out all the tools on that Sunday.

Report: Saturday was a lovely fall day. Duncan had earlier nailed the available siding. And Smugs had carried up additional siding for us. We peons carried the new material from the ski lift to site, nailed it up, and painted it. Bill and Eric continued work on the roof, attaching the remaining rake ladders and the sub-fascia.

Sunday: Another beautiful day. We completed installation of the fascia and installed strapping for the roof. We installed four roof panels.

Aug 20-21-22

The first rake ladder is installed

Hardware cloth keeps people (and some smaller creatures) from running under the shelter.

Andrew and Allen work on the siding.

Frame the gable ends, trim the rafter tails, add siding, add two small pieces of decking, and roof the structure.
Also: Cut and install siding, and possibly some interior painting.

Report: Nasty weather restricted work to a single day: Monday. Earlier in the week, Eric built some of the "rake ladders" that extend the roofline. On Monday two of them were installed, as was some of the siding. The decking was completed.

August 13-14

Bill and Eric installing rafters

In the rain on Sunday

Tasks include installing the decking (floor), cutting and installing rafters, roof  framing, and painting. 

Saturday: Some of the rafters were cut and installed. The remainder of the tongue-and-groove boards were painted. The decking is complete, except for the narrow pieces at either side.
Sunday: Bill and Eric stayed overnight and finished the rafters Sunday morning. Wet weather prevented further work on Sunday.

August 6-7

Joists are installed.

Applying stain to the decking

Installing the upper LVLs

Installing the decking

Tasks include erecting corner posts, nailing the sill and decking, stabilizing the corner posts; installing joist hardware and floor joists; painting. 

Saturday: Posts erected and joists installed. Most of the decking/siding (tongue and groove) was painted/stained.
Sunday: Diagonal bracing and upper LVL installed; decking installed.

July 23-24

A Shelter Adaptor prepares the ground.

Cutting rabbets.

Build the foundation of the shelter.
We will need volunteers spread over the two days -- a steady supply of help with lower numbers of volunteers at any one time.  Also, the weather may not be ideal on one of these days.  Please pass the word around: on the July 23-24 weekend come up for all or part of one of a day, or just a few hours to volunteer and see what is going on.  Oh, and pray for nice weather. 

The work will include moving 80-pound bags of concrete from the top of the chair lift to the construction site (about 0.2 miles), and mixing that concrete.

Report Accomplished as planned. The big feet and sonotubes were positioned and filled. The ground was smoothed and roots removed.  Rabbets were cut in the vertical posts, to support the LVLs.


July 9

Lumber was stacked and covered.

Corner holes were full of water.


Report: Accomplished as planned.  Over a dozen people worked through a dark and rainy day (2 inches of rain) to move material from the top of the chair lift to the shelter site. The heaviest pieces (10 foot 8x8 pressure treated columns) were carried in slings by a sturdy gang of ten. (KH)

This past Saturday, July 9th, was a complete success in spite of hurricane "Cindy's" large amounts of rain. With a total of 21 volunteers including myself we were able to move all of  the lumber from the top of the Ski lift to the shelter site in the pouring rain.  Early afternoon, we had an in fusion of young energy from some GMC staff members and Long Trail Patrol.  However, the 15+ bags of cement we left in the lift shack to keep them dry and will be moved when we start the foundation work on July 23-24th. We did not have the roof, wheel barrow, generator/rock drill, and a few other items which will need to come up later.  (DW)

Friday - Sunday, June 17-19 Announcement
Precutting the lumber
Status: Cancelled. We will cut the lumber at site.
Sunday, May 22

Site preparation.
We will meeting at 8 am at the Montpelier High School parking lot, or you can met us at the Notch parking lot at 9 am (trail head for Sterling Pond Trail or old LT). The purpose of the work hike is to prepare and clean-up the site of the burnt down old Sterling Pond Shelter for the NEW shelter. Bring a rake and large plastic garbage bag to clean up and haul out debris. This will NOT be an all day work hike, so come for a few hours, the morning, and we should be finished by early afternoon.

Report Accomplished as planned - and more! We discovered that the underlying rock is not quite what we expected, so we must review plans for the foundation (footings).

  New Shelter Planned
Dave Blumenthal's sketch of the new shelter, to be constructed during the summer of 2005. The roof is supported by four vertical posts; the walls hang off those posts. The design allows for either two or three walls.

Sterling Pond Shelter demolished
In preparation for construction of the new shelter, the old shelter was torn down in the fall of 2004, and then burned. In the spring of 2005 the ashes will be sifted and nails removed.

1981 - Packing in material for Sterling Pond Shelter

Sterling Pond Lodge 1967
David Morse and Cynthia (Mix) Brady. Photo by Marion Gorham.
These names appear often in our Section's archives.


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